Friday, February 27, 2009


Sitting on the couch with my hand inside my ziplock,

My phone sends word that my answer is coming,

A sweet voice greets my ear, gently speaking “I’m here”,

And asking if I could open the door,

So anxious, to show her the feeling that’s been feeling me up and down my body

I rose up slowly to the open the door that should remain closed,

But closed was my mind to the wisdom whispering “No”,

And as the knob twisted to allow an acquaintance most distant,

temptation’s scream “Yes” was all that I had listened too…

To her mouth to her neck going to the rated X,

I expressed loudly the noisy feeling that kept my ears ringing…

Heart pounding…Legs trembling…Lungs panting…

Underwear, panties, sweat, and sheets lay spread across the canvas,

Doomed to stay forever; the consequence of pleasure given by Temptation,

She kisses me slowly to seal my soul into the prison she keeps between her thighs,

As she uses her eyes to drown my flesh into the pool of her grey iris…

Skin dark chocolate…Body like a rocket…And a smile that could slide any boy into her back pocket…

Temptation was my first love and yes, I really mean it,

My heart was ensnared in her godless affairs and the pressure she bore on me when all she had to say was “I’m lonely”,

Never “I want you” or “You’re amazing” always that one simple phrase that would make my ego rise to 125 on a scale of 100,

Not knowing I was last on her list of caller IDs…

I was the only one thinking that our trapeze act was unique,

No safety net involved,

Yet still no crash,

Only meaning that there was no shred of evidence that us together ever existed…

Yet I poked my chest out and filled my head with helium because Temptation’s “I’m lonely” was my master calling,

Master bating myself to debating my wealth to such a diminishing level that when my reflection came from the mirror I felt like Dracula,

Invisible to the reality that it’s the death to my spirit that’s keeping my heart trapped…

All because I ignored the whisper of wisdom’s “No”,

And heeded to temptation’s scream of “Yes”,

Translated through Temptation’s sweet “I’m lonely”…